Costa Rica Activities


Corcovado National Park

Object of numerous wildlife documentaries and for many years, the main destination of scientists and researchers that stand out as the most remote area of Costa Rica...


Dolphins Watching by boat Snorkelling the Golfo Dulce by boat!

The Marvellous marine ecosystems of the Golfo Dulce intrigue the biologist community around the world, standing as one of the deepest fiords. Host a great variety of habitats in his waters, and along the coasts. Resident and migrating fauna like Manta rays, brain coral reefs, rock pinnacles, turtles, pelicans and four different Dolphins species that are resident all year around .



In seasons we can observe the whale shark and the humpback whale that frequents the waters during certain times of the year, (only some months of the year).



Zip lines, canopy platforms, suspension bridges are a very specific need of research and neo-tropical rainforest explorations. Zip lines in particular have become one of Costa Rica's favorite adventure activities. Combining an accelerating speed rush, with safely traverse from platform to platform high atop the forest canopy.


Horse Back Riding.

Our horseback ride takes us around 2 to 3 hours in the jungle in Agujas or on the beach. The level of the terrain that we will explore varies from easy to difficult. We ask you to be careful, It does not matter if it is your horse ride for the first time or you are experienced. Our horses are part of our family.


Kayak Tours.

*Sunset Kayak Tour 3:00pm to 6:oopmAs the afternoon comes to an end you are invited to experience the most romantic and magical time of the day. The sunsets in the high Mountains of the Corcovado National Park creates splashes of the most amazing colors turning the clouds to subjects of excitement and dreams. *Mangrove Kayak Tour (Schedule depend teh tide)A Mangrove area is a plant community and habitat where tides create changing water levels and river's fresh water mixes with the oceans saltwater. They are found in tropical and sub-tropical tidal areas and have a high degree of salinity. Areas where mangroves occur include estuaries and marine shorelines. Plants in these areas are diverse, but all are able to exploit their habitat or inter-tidal zone by developing physiological adaptations to overcome the problems of high salinity and frequent tidal inundations.


Early Watching Birds in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has a world wide reputation for the number of bird's species that inhabit this little patch of land. With over 850 species, at least 600 being permanent resi-dents with a lot of cases of endemism, about one tenth of the world birds of the world are in Costa Rica. A pas-sionate guide about birds will introduce you to the natural history and biological interactions of the many birds that you will see during your hike, either permanent residents, altitudinal migrants and migratory birds.


Finca Kobo Chocolate Tour.

Come see the traditional process of making chocolate ... knowledge of its truth, its flower, fruit. Give your senses a chance to feel and enjoy pure organic chocolate in its most natural form.We first visited the area of "traditional cocoa." This is a mystical area where we will have the first impression of a forest cocoa, flowers and fruits.


An excellent moment of rest and relaxation is the one that can be enjoyed in our swimming pool, besides observing different species of birds between the palms.


A very attractive place, friendly staff and delicious breakfast. Only in high season there is a breakfast service